This is recycled from what I original wrote to something that wants to be a Gnu Electric list, and one of Gnu Electric Authors Steve Rubin:

Wow just passed some nice last days of the semester with

dif, div, grad curl and all that : )

Cheers to green, stokes and gauss!

Although I am just a new streamer in this I guess!

Now is there a list where we can hear more news about the open source version of Gnu Electric ?

I love Java - Parallel Multi Object Engine Java

And what nicer system to design the system than in an object oriented way

will do the silicon?

Hey what does everybody think about:

Bring-them Young : ) JHDL (

and gupty's < c sparks >

Links: GoBox/FPGA

Ideally we also use it to design the Open source

Multifuel Straight Piston ElectroDynamic? Generator - Hybrid Vehicle

and its Reprogrammable Silicon GoBox Controller together!


(C) Ares-togo Cooperation Tobias Gogolin

Designs under GNU-type Open Hardware License

Which essentially says if you base your design on released Gobox Objects you

are bound by that license and need to redistribute your truthful source

versions along with the components you may manufacture or assemble for sale

If you want to comment:

Remember whats not obvious Name, Contact Info, Page, Reference, etc.