Tobias Gogolin


Inventor, Alternative Energy Researcher and Industrial Engineering Student.

Founder of the GoBox Project that aims at providing the addition of water conditioning and administration with the principal purpose to replace GoBox/HydroCarbons combustibles with Water and Hydrogen, Oxygen and its Ion combinations produced on demand. The Water will be recycled and treated like an essential asset that recycles energy and provides ecological and economic advantages.


This only shows the very first experimental setup I implemented a little less than a year ago. I have meanwhile discontinued its use pending the Oxygen Sensor Voltage correction. What happens is that one notices the effect of turning on the electrolysis. That is partially because the Hydrogen and Oxigen administration apparently causes the Oxygen Sensor to think:"lean mix" and that results in an overcorrection to a ritch mix (I can smell that). The problem is that there still is no controller with which I could correct the Oxygen sensor message. And also I am concerned that I would then certainly need Water Injection to prevent knock. So I decided to start focusing my energy into the complex motor controller which would slowly grow with my experiments.

Of course I could also resolve the imediate experimental issue with a simple Operational Amplifier based testcircuit.

Being more familiar with digital Electronics I prefer ADC DAC solution which at the same time aproaches many of the other aspect decribed under the GoBox Page System.

While a solution is surely possible with OPAs setting the offset voltage using resistors (trimmer). However a digital design is easier to reproduce and can be made adaptive to driving situations. MembersPage/MarcellGal likes uCs - I like Configurable Logic Arrays -> join our evaluation-effort at FPGAProContra.

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