I want to run VEMS in place of an LH & EZF ECU in a 5L Porsche 928.

The car is a Quad cam v8 with:

60-2 flywheel

11-1 comp ratio approx

VR crank position sensor

Hall cam sensor

knock sensors (2)

COP, MAP and wideband O2

24# injectors (sequential injection)

The car is an 86 (32v Euro) with the 86 block and bottom end (with some mods), and the top end from an 88S4 (hence the higher CR). So the engine is effectively an 88. I have opted to use the 60-2 trigger wheel from the 88. History so far is here.. MembersPage/TimEgan/History

Newly arrived..

1 x LCD4x20

1 x Econoseal 18-Wire

1 x EconoSeal? 36-Wire

1 x Wideband O2 sensor

1 x Wideband O2 connector

1 x Assembled v3.3 controller

The controller checks out OK, so now starting to sort out the sensor/driver connections in preparation of building a new loom. Have decided to use the aircraft grade tefzel wire.

Have just discovered the COP's I intend to use are active, MembersPage/TimEgan/Ignition but have 8 IGBT configured on the controller.

Q: What is the best way to revert back to logic level signal?

(2006-11-14 08:11:11) (history) MembersPage/TimEgan . . . . MembersPage/MarcellGal [IGBT => logiclevel conversion]