Under this Post I will post a list of Units that will be sent in for repairs. Please do complete functionality test on all units.

Send detailed individual cost of each repair to Info at

Ask for return address before sending back, I will change adress 2016-08-30.

Please send out the units 2-3 at a time. As soon as they are ready.

RS232 serial communications

Please note that devices with dual WBO2 (and old devices) have NFET on EC18/pin17 (2nd WBO2 heater), not GND as most new devices.

Unit number: 4130 belongs to Engdahl/RBD

Damaged LM1815. Unknown reason. Also some unsure funktion of some parts. Test everything.

Please change it, or change is to Hall if not possible without board replacement.

Unit number 11658. Belongs to Engdahl

Brand new unit. Burnt Stepper chip due to short in solenoid.

No communication after the chip fried.

Main board replacement authorized.

Unit Number: 8168. Belings to Engdahl

Injector channel/channels grounds on powerup.

Suspected INJ driver chip damage?

Test it and fix whatever is broken.

Main board replacement authorized.

Unit Number: 2365. Belings to Engdahl/RBD

Communication problems. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Bootloader corrupt?

If uncertain, change of main board is authorized.

Unit Number: 4706, Unit Belong to Engdahl

CPU failure.

Tested this on my bench, Very strange problems, then I even burnt myself on the CPU. Efter firmware update it died. No comms.

Main board replacement authorized.

Unit Number: 1959 belongs to Engdahl/RBD

Main board replacement authorized.

Unit Number: 533 belongs to Engdahl

Really old, lost of problems. I think It died on the testbench.

Change main board and replace any missing/broken parts.

Also add LCD. and Change the front to one without holes.