Volvo 740. B230FK, 16v head engine

H-beam rods, SPM forged pistons.

16vale head, OEM.

Holset GT45 turbo. Custom exaust manifold.

E85 bioetanol fuel.

Siemens deka 960cc LowZ injectors, with volvo OEM 6ohm 25w power-resistor pack.

Vems V3.6 Controller, 300kpa, 2+6 ign, w/o egt.

Vems v3 harness. Standard v3 harness pinout.

Inj channels 4 and 5 used for fuel pump and fan.

Volvo OEM, TPS, CTS and IAT.

Sparkcut based idle.

Launch control.

Status: Had some trouble with unstable readings. Coolant and IAT where sporadic. Problem traced to poor engine grounding.

16mm2 ground-wire installed from VEMS box chassis ground-point -> firewall -> intake manifold.

Problem solved, perfect stable readings.

Tuned to 1.4 bars boost, running very fine! Lots of torque and power. approx 400bhp.

Will continue tuning later, when harder WG-spring installed. burning rubber on 4th gear.

Config :