Trigger Wheels & VR Sensors..

where can I find em ?

36-1 multitooth wheels
  • any EDIS equipped Ford car/engine ( Junkyard )
ford 1.9 escort trigger ring
  • clutch drum of GM th700R4 (4l60) transmissions
  • you can machine a new one !
The Trigger wheel must be magnetically conductive to work with a variable reluctance sensor. Materials like mild steel or iron will work while materials like aluminum and stainless steel won't << stolen
  • from napa .. part# CSS304 for $10
napa CSS304
VR sensors
  • any EDIS equipped Ford car/engine ( Junkyard )
  • from napa .. part# CSS411 for $25 ( similar to 1.9 sensor )

other components

to complete the ignition system hardware I will need

Note : the EDIS module itself is not needed (although it would work but without control over spark energy)


Trigger Wheel/Ring
good reding
VR sensor
Assuming you have obtained a suitable 36-1 wheel by reference to the Finding EDIS page, you need to establish the correct relationship between the VR sensor and disc.
There are two methods to visualise the relationship with the same outcome.
SPECIFIC-ANGLE is defined as follows: EDIS4=90, EDIS6=60, EDIS8=50
1) Turn your engine to SPECIFIC-ANGLE degrees before TDC (check direction of rotation!). Mount the VR sensor wherever is convenient and mount trigger disc so that the centre of the sensor aligns with the centre of the missing tooth.
2) Set your engine at TDC, then put the missing tooth SPECIFIC-ANGLE/10 teeth ahead of the sensor. This will put the centre of a tooth central to the sensor

There should be approx 1mm gap between sensor and wheel.

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