Here are my current problems, which need solving.

Really big problem with injectors

One morning, out of the blue, started this problem.

Injectors are fully open almost always when fuel pump is energized (injectors get power from fp-relay).

At the moment, nothing happens when i turn on ignition, but when try to start, injectors 1, 2 and 4 fire at full capacity. They also keep firing until fuel pump stops. Naturally the engine floods immediately.

First when this happened, injector 1 fired also when ignition was turned on. Injectors 2 and 4 did this sometimes, but not everytime.

I updated firmware 1.1.18 -> 1.1.27 just to try something, no change. I don't know for sure (haven't tested many times), but since that injectors don't open at all when ignition is turned. When starting, they behave exactly as before.

Prime pulse was and still is disabled. Config and tables are on main page.

Any ideas?

You have to change the FET drivers i think. Also you must check if the flyback is connected good!-Fero

The FETs were fried, and now replaced with new ones.

I checked all flyback wiring and TS-diode. Can't find anything wrong.

Any other ideas?

I think ecu has dd-flyback, 30V TS-diode is installed externally, PWM is disabled, Hi-Z injectors. Configuration has worked perfectly for a month.

Trigger errors around 5500

For some reason, when i try to rev above 5000, i get trigger errors, and spark disappears until revs go below 2000.

Sounds just like auditrigger problem, but how could this be.

I will try to change my current Hall-sensor to VR, when i get the required hardware-mods done. Still, this shouldn't be an issue.

previous measurements

Megatune lights up a light if trigger "wheel-errors" count up to a certain number (10 or 16 or similar: might light up if engine restarted several times without ECU reboot => that is normal).

On some page was told that mlp01 takes me to the page with errors and counters, but theres just bunch of hex. W.. is the "wheel-error counter". More on [InputTrigger/TriggerLog]

Need help to translate this log-file to understandable form, anyone?

[TeroK Scirocco triggerlog 14-04-2007]

Taken with terminal program (apparently brayterm). [analyzed file zip].

perl bin/ <start_14-04-2007.bin >start_14-04-2007.txt

Looks like a 60-2 connected with good polarity. Segments like this (left side) look good (missing tooth is 3 times longer than normal tooth, actually surprisingly precisely):

1078    837     1 
1079                                                    17667   1.04 
1080    849     1.01 
1081                                                    20746   1.17 
1082    2561    3.01 MISSINGTOOTH 58
1083                                                    260     0.01 
1084    872     0.34 
1085                                                    26627   102.41 MISSINGTOOTH 11
1086    861     0.98 
1087                                                    23556   0.88 
1088    898     1.04 
1089                                                    33283   1.41 
1090    899     1 
1091                                                    33540   1 
1092    947     1.05 
1093                                                    45828   1.36 
1094    957     1.01 
1095                                                    48388   1.05 
1096    1013    1.05 
1097                                                    62724   1.29 
1098    1050    1.03 
1099                                                    6660    0.1 
1100    1133    1.07 
1101                                                    27909   4.19 MISSINGTOOTH 8
1102    1195    1.05 
1103                                                    43781   1.56 MISSINGTOOTH 1
1104    1290    1.07 
1105                                                    2565    0.05 
1106    1347    1.04 
1107                                                    17157   6.68 MISSINGTOOTH 2
1108    1374    1.02 
1109                                                    24070   1.4 
1110    1312    0.95 
1111                                                    8196    0.34 
1112    1239    0.94 

Your slowest tooth in above run is 1374 * 4 usec long, at position 1108,

(1108 1374), that is 13 tooth after tooth0 (the first tooth after missing tooth at position 1082 (1108-1082)/2 =13). If we put trigger tooth to 03, we have appr 10 more teeth (60 crankdeg) for ign_tdcdelay (but maybe 02 is better in reality, your timing light will help):


So, what are those other "missingtooth" markings? Should there be just "missingtooth 58" markings, and nothing more? Does this mean there are some errors?

Incorrect Wbo2 -readings or other misconf

It's impossible to adjust idle AFR to near 14.7, car stalls much before that. I cannot figure out how this could be possible.

Before VEMS (no HW mods to engine or ancillaries) this was no problem.

previous measurements

First wbo sensor i got, works in mysterious ways. After i got the factory settings for controller calibration, namely:

I double checked the voltages according to PhatBob?'s manual. Everything were ok. When i started the free-air calibration, O2-reading swinged between 11,1 and 12%. This might be OK, depending on sensor calibration:

Just to make sure, i connected another sensor (from Innovate LC-1). Then it showed 20,9..21%, as it should.

  • AFR=? 13.3
  • AFR=11.58 P ON
  • This LCD page has many nice internal data that is useful for debugging. Eg, we can see if Ri>600 (cold sensor) which is usually caused by lack of heating, if, say, the heater is not powered - a common mistake is to try to supply power from an unsuitable node. You should also show us some of these mlp07 LCD (page 07) snapshots (mll to take one snapshot or mdf01mdk01 for continuous dump, mdf00 to switch this off).

What could be, for example, this unsuitable node?

My WBO2 supply is wired parallel to Vems supply, with own fuse ofcourse. Just like in PhatBobs? manual.