BMW S14B23 (M3 E30 2.3L euro version) turbo engine with (4 cylinders, firing order 1342)

4 Low Z (Peak and Hold) injectors (Full Sequential control)

Ignition outputs

with wasted spark coilpacks ...

1 knock sensor already installed on the block

1 External map sensor connected in the Inlet Manifold

1 Exhaust Gaz Temperature already installed in the exhaust piping

1 Boost Solenoid connected to an external Wastegate

The Primary Trigger is: VR

The Secondary Trigger is: VR

BMW S14B23 (M3 E30 2.3L euro version) turbo engine

- 1-wire interface NO

- EGT input 1

- ETC Bridge Output_Interface 1 => No please !

- Flyback LowZ active flyback 4ch

- Hi-side PFET outputs 4

- ignition driver 4

- Knock input channels 1

- LCD connection yes

- MAP connection offboard (electronic)

- mounting-style no-screws

- primary_trigger EC36/27 VR

- secondary_trigger EC36/13VR

- Special requests no

- withSDcard removable


- “active flyback" is a must for low-Z injectors (universal: can be used for high-Z too)”.


Could please confirm my choice of the primary trigger : VR and the secondary trigger : VR ?

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