Audi 90 Typ85 Quattro Jemo Motorsport (


7A Cams reclocked


VEMS 3.8 Board


FW 1.2.31


High Z-only 30V Flyback

Ignition Driver 6+2 (I recommend 2+6 for COP VAG)

2xKnock input

400kpa simplenipple MAPconection

PTrigger Hall

SecTrigger? Hall

LSU 4.9


Crank 60-2 HALL from VW Polo

Camsensor original S2 (1 window HALL)

Ignition (firing order 1,2,4,5,3):

VAG COP TFSI Coils @1.97ms dwell

Zyl 1 Stepper output A EC18/4

Zyl 2 Stepper output C EC18/5

Zyl 4 Ignition Output 4 (logic level) EC36/11

Zyl 5 Ignition Output 5 (logic level) EC36/12

Zyl 3 Stepper output B EC18/10

  • stepper D is traditionally used for ign on 20VT engines, but as long as configured accordingly, it matters little of course


ID2200 HighImp?

Inj 1 InjGroup?0 EC36/18

Inj 2 InjGroup?4 EC36/9

Inj 4 InjGroup?3 EC36/8

Inj 5 InjGroup?2 EC36/19

Inj 3 InjGroup?1 EC36/20


BoostValve? will be connected in future

First tests with Wastegatespring pressure 1.7Bar@5000rpm shows 100-200kmh in 6.0 sek messured with P-Box.

Power estimated 900hp+ with 3bar+ boost.

Pics/Videos could be found here

Now 3x 044 Fuelpump for good e90 delivery.

Changed to CATCAMS Camshaft's, went back to Audiwastegate, remap with 2,5bar boost. Measured 898PS/ 950NM

Video Race1000 (Standing 1000m)

On higher boost intaktemanifold begins went out of the silicone hoses. With other intake we will try to go to 3,0bar(400kpa)