VW Golf MK2 16VT



VEMS 3.8 Board


FW 1.2.31


High Z-only 30V Flyback

Ignition Driver 2+6 (I recommend 2+6 for COP VAG)

1xKnock input

400kpa simplenipple MAPconection

PTrigger Hall (Polo 16v sensor febi Nr.37301 - flange/triggerwheel VW Nr 030 103 171 H)

SecTrigger? Hall OEM from 2.0 16V NA Enginecode ABF (sequenzial Injection and COP, no wastedspark!)

LSU 4.9


Crank OEM VW HALL Trigger

Camsensor original ABF(1 window HALL)

Ignition (firing order 1,3,4,2):

VAG COP TFSI Coils @1.97ms dwell

Zyl 1 Ignition Output 4 (logic level) EC36/11

Zyl 3 Ignition Output 5 (logic level) EC36/12

Zyl 4 Ignition Output 1 (logic level) EC36/33

Zyl 2 Ignition Output 0 (logic level) EC36/35


ID850 HighImp?

Inj 1 InjGroup?0 EC36/18

Inj 3 InjGroup?3 EC36/9

Inj 4 InjGroup?2 EC36/7

Inj 2 InjGroup?1 EC36/8

IACV OEM Golf MK2 G60 with Flybackdiode InjGroup?6 EC36/19

BoostValve? Mac 3-way to control upper side wg InjGroup?5 EC36/6

Shiftcut&Launch Control Ground triggerd via brakeswitch to analog Inputs.


Fuel Aral Ultimate 102Oktan, 2,0Bar Boost.