This is the Memberpage from Tille Motorsport Engineering.

I have done several VEMS installs to my customers and of course my own cars. Most VEMS Motronik 55 but V3 with custom harness also.

MembersPage/TME/JEMO - Audi 90 Typ85 20VT AAN Holset Pro52 Jemo Motorsport v3.8install

MembersPage/TME/TME - Audi 90 Typ85 20VT AAN GTX35 Tille Motosport v3.8 install

MembersPage/TME/GolfMKII - Golf 2 1,8L KR 16VT v3.8 KKK24/7200 Upgrade v3.8 install

MembersPage/TME/GolfMKI - Golf 1 2,0L KR 16VT PT5858 v3 install

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