Suzuki with manual transmission - 1.3L engine TBI G10, Specifying ECU (inputs, outputs, mechanically)

suzuki_swift_wiring_diagrams_1997.pdf is helpful, but not enough

Fero confirmed pinout. VEMS ECU with special frontplate, using factory connector

Battery 12V (node30) C21/14 currently unused


FAN relay output? c21/pin20 BLU

Tach out? Tach is triggered from coil directly, not from ECM.

Flying loom DSUB9F RS232

Flying loom EC10:

EC10 pinout:

note: +12V for WBO2 heater+ grey must be connected from 3A fuse

Ecu requirements:

Pins for FETs (by default 30V flyback, mark where low voltage flyback required) should be defined now: (exact mapping enough during manufacturing)


injFETs . Injout Pins:

IDLE voltage supply:

ignIGBT ignition out pins (6 IGBTs, so ignch4 and ignch5 are logiclevel):

P259 out pins:

v3 GND:


Ecu connector pin numbering (unconfirmed):


Factory documentation for Suzuku Swift engine TBI G10

Seems OK for me, I'll check the ecu in the real car. -Fero