Project: VEMS controlled ignition and injection on Subaru Libero with 3 throttle bodies and injectors from motorcycle (Suzuki)

Engine inline 3 cylinder 1189ccm (used in Subaru Libero or Justy)

engine code: EF12

So you mean that firing (relative to cyl1)


IGN.coils: 3pcs of automotive ign. coils (Marelli).

  • every coil will fire just one time per revolution of crank as always on wastedspark coils

INJECTORS: 3pcs of 15 Ohm motorcycle injectors (first time customer measure it incorrect :) they are 15 Ohm suzuki hayabusa 1300 k7 injectors and not 130 Ohm like customer says)

Sorry for desinformation.

Idle valve: maybe PWM, bi-metal or none


Trigger1: 60-2 (VR type)

Trigger2: i do not want to use trigger2 (But the OEM distributor have 4 teeth and VR sensor. 3 teeth are at 120 and one tooth is approx 10 before the another one (for first cylinder, "Honda extratooth style")

1. Could i drive IGN and INJ with just Trigger1? My opinion is, that it will work "like wasted spark", on crank will be 3 ign. points, every 120, it means 6 ign. points every 2 revolutions of crank. Is it possible to set this in VEMS with only Trigger1?

Should be no problem (as you say, simple wasted spark setup) assuming 120 degree "even firing" of:

cyl 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2

ECU configuration:

IGN drivers: 4x IGBT + 4x digital

INJ drivers: High-Z 30V flyback

Trigger 1: VR

Trigger 2: HALL

EGT input: no

ETC: no

1-wire: no

Hi-side PFET: no

Knock channel: no

LCD: no

MAP: external (we'll just use Alpha-N strategy because of separated throttle bodies)

SD-Card: no

Flanged case: yes