1976 MGB

I hope to put a genboard in my 1976 MGB with B-series engine.

In order to do that genboard will have to be extended a little to support injection relative to crankshaft. I'm a developer so obviously I'll pitch in and help get that completed.

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I've recently seen this page

about putting an efi system on an a-series engine in a mini. after emailing the author he suggested a single manifold with injectors in it. Essentially like a hightech carb.

There will be the same unbalance as the carb has. see

I think seting up he ecu for seq. and to drie 4 injectors.

Tie injector outputs 1 & 2 to the injector feeding cyl. 1 & 2

Tie injector outputs 3 & 4 to the injector feeding cyl. 3 & 4

the injectors need to be able to feed WOT with a 50% PWM

The ecu can not go over 25% pwm. but 25% back to back will make the injector run at 50%

So looking at say the injector at cyl 1 & 2 you see squrt squrt wait wait

and cyl 3 & 4 you would see wait wait squrt squrt

So my new options are a huge manifold with injectors in it.

Probably for, with two pairs of two injectors. Each set squirting at the same time. Anyone else have ideas?

The problem with this engine is that it has saimesed ports.

the first port supplies cylinder 1 and 2 the second 3 and 4.


Have you achieved a solution to this problem yet?

Gavin Wilkinson.

ARM development

I saw bits about the next verison of the genboard using an ARM cpu, I like this alot. You can get a lot more cpu power and a lot more memory in these chips. This opens up much wider possibilities. It also lets you bloat code a little bit so it can be written at a higher level. I'm very interested in this.

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