for the interested, link to what we do :

Has anyone done sequential injection and ignition? Yes. Seq. inj was there since the early days of GenBoard/VerThree.

Direct ignition: MembersPage/DaveBrul, MembersPage/MichaelKristensen and MembersPage/MarcellGal. Actually, code for direct ign is going from experimental to production these days.

Is it correct that current firmware supports one channel for ignition?

No. See config.ignchmax in firmware. Edis.c looks up the mapping from h[2] (h table, line 2). config.reset_engphase_after is useful too. Not documented though :-(

Trying to find out what parameters (go through GenBoard/InitialConfig) I need to define for my application (4-cyl 1300cc hayabusa engine,12.000rpm max):

I have

-Vr sensor on camshaft that gives 1 puls per camshaft rotation (pin on camshaft that passes VR sensor)

-Vr sensor on crankshaft that gives 8 pulses per crank-rotation



-Water temperature

-Inlet Air temperature

-4 separate coil-on-plug

Do i need to modify timing.c? I don't think so. But you can review it. This looks a traditional direct ignition + sequential injection setup.

Can i modify ignition tables with GenBoard/MenuSystem ?

Yes, of course. But simplest way is to use realworld crankdegree units in tables.txt, eg.:

n[0]= 18.4 19 21.3 22.4 25.5 29.9 34.5 38.3
n[1]= ...

and convert with make mtt and upload the mtt file with TerminalProgram. When you have the basic map, easiest to tune with MegaTune using the mtf command to switch to ignition table.