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  • Sorry it's all in the MembersPage/SteenAndersen/MyInstallation page, but not split nicely yet. I dont have Corel draw to make nice graphic. I Dont have Fixed setup yet, i'm still experimenting, and I dont run the car from vems yet.

My Progress status

This page should describe my progress, only current status here , old status moved to MembersPage/SteenAndersen/History

14. Aug. 2005

I have been very sick (hopitalized) and have not played with cars for a time, but now i slowly started up again.

I the last few month i have run the VEMS as a measuring system in my car, and collected parts to use for injection. I had a complete intake from a 91' with injectors, fuel lines, idle valve, and pressure regulator. So now i need to fabricate some adapters to mount the intake.

I made some testing on the desktop, with all injector's and Idle valve connected, and using mstxx mspxx commands and megatune.

So far i found some issues that need to be solved before vems is controlling my car.

Trigger setup

The RPM meter's signal has seem ok.


I have not had success to test the Ignition output from vems with the LED connected to +12 and IGN_xx from vems, it flickers very uneven making me questioning my trigger signal.

I may have to take a timing light apart (????) to make a test light.

Document the

Check the wheel-error counter (LCD page01 mlp01 ) to see if the 36-1 signal is proper.

  • I'm not running 36-1 Yet, i'm running on RPM signal from Bosch CDI ignition unit.