Started 25.Oct.2007

This will be a ongoing discussion on the build up of a new VEMS V3.3 and build of a wiring loom to handle a M20 or M30 engine in a BMW E30 series.

Loom will be able to handle a stock NA engine as well as a Forced induction setup along with boost control, wideband signal and EGT signal. Loom will be able to be installed into any E30 with a identical C101 plug (where the engine loom connects into the car).

Install when loom is ready should take about 30-40minutes.


Update 29.Oct.2007

Before anything is done one needs to install the remaining components, wich are only few on the V3.3 board vs. the older ones.

Shows most of the information I was looking for, whilst I still need some more information.

Question with answers in the StebBystepGuide?

  1. 1. Installation of the FET and IGTBīs and final look before installing the board into the case.
  1. 2. And where do IGTBīs go and where to the FETīs go.