Problem solved

Big boost leak



Need help to Bmw M20b20 12V 1986


The car is not making the amount of power it should (norm 300 hp) and it make knock.

Using wasted spark MSD 8224 dual coils

Trigger 60-2 org. shielded cables.

Fuel octane 95 (normal)

As I can see the deference in individual power (gauges) is big also in the log we see some wave or spikes in rpmīs

Itīs like the ecu due not fire correct at all cylinders but only some hit the right spot.

Trigger ref tooth (VT default m20) is 0-20-40-0-20-40 should it be 0-20-40-60-80-100?

Trigger log looking bad.

Trigger log


Any help would be nice



written by consumer

Ran fine

Some help

Where is your lambda signal? Fix so VEMS uses the lambda sensor, map your VE table to match lambda target - very easy in VemsTune with logviewer and VE tune by statistics.

Your MAT/TPS enrichment table is all wrong, copy a default one, you have no temperature compensation now!!

You use too much ignition advance at low load for this engine.

Your lambda target is too lean while the engine is on high load.

Afterstart and enrichment table contains errors in temperature.

See my config for good defaults with this engine :