Waiting for Genboard v3.2 for my TVR Chim 430, normally up in the North of England (Chesterfield), born n bred in Yorkshire so I'm hereditarily tight.

The TVR Chimaera has a 4.3 Rover V8 derivative, it is an early pre-serpentine version.

This car is coupled to a 're-inforced' Rover LT77 5 speed gearbox and drives a GKN LSD (TVR only - rare as Rocking Horse doodoo)

The car is fully poly-bushed, with Nitron dampers (400lb 8" F, 350lb 10" R springs), tubular adjustable wishbones at the front, waiting on same for the rear (in development). The car has been updated to the later car (Tuscan/Tamora) brakes & wheels courtesy of a great deal from the Factory:- nice chaps but who knows what the Russian boss will do now? The front brakes are 315mm discs with 4pot AP-Racing calipers, certainly stops quick & lots of feel. All the running gear except the steering rack has been renewed, and will be playing with height / springs / damping & geometry for years to come. Last car was F348 spider (new) & trust me this thing out performs it in every department.

Precats have been removed, also have an extra Y-piece with cat removed (its too bloody loud for constant use tho) all exhaust is ceramic coated inside & out, marvellous. For those not aware TVR have very hot engines, the ceramic exhaust coating reduces heat fantastically. TVR's range from 240bhp (4 litre) to 340bhp (5 litre), the early 430's are great motors, forged Cosworth pistons, big valve heads and close to 300bhp, but rev like turbines - not the usual lazy V8...

I have also installed upgraded 4 core rad, twin fans from TVR Cerbera, each controlled separately one from the 'swirl tank' and the other from the rad outlet. Also fitted an oil cooler, running Mobil 1 Motorsport 15/50W full synthetic - the only oil I've found that copes with the heat inside the engine.

Recently made a 5,500 mile trouble free trip to Italy (Monza GP) and Germany, only used 2 litre of oil and 2 litre of fly squash remover - even giving car plenty of abuse }:) - who says TVR's are not reliable!

Now the handling is all good and cooling is prepared its time to look for some more horses. This winter car will have some head work at TVR Power (coventry) - Bigger valves/springs, porting, 70mm throttle butterfly, trumpets shortened.... If the engine is'nt a Big Valve it will be!

AFM is the big 'bottleneck' with these engines I desperately want to replace it... TVR is home ground for a certain Mark Adams who produces the 'Tornado' chip for the Rover ECU's. Many owners spend £1000 for his chip and RR sessions, I'm sure that this is a better way.

Active member of TVR Car Club, and regular contributer on as 'spend' (Speed Matters... mmmmm).

Apart from that just a complete nutter!!!!!!!

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