2010-06-11 Ignition problems with misfire solved

Is on of the coils that periodic will not fire one cylinder, strange it is only one cylinder, as I’m running waste spark. May be coil was damaged by overload during setup, problem is worse when engine are hot.

Seems as when misfire occurs display is affected and values are no longer updated, noise from ignition?

Now waiting for new coil to arrive

Problems with ignition/display help needed

Engine is Rover V8 running still with carburettors, injection to come when ignition are stable.

Display are mounted at end of Vems case and connected with shield cable.

How do I put pictures in her?

Running car with waist spark two Bosch coils:

-As soon as engine starts display on Vems goes bananas, strange characters and sometimes complete blank.

-Engine running ok in idle and up to approximate 2500 rpm.

-Engine misfires above 2500 rpm.

Running car with old distributor ignition system, coil packs disconnected from +12V:

-no problems with display

-at approximate 4000 rpm. revel counter goes to zero. Revel counter connected to IGBT output with 470 ohm and 220uH as pull up.

-Display shortly flickers down to ie. 1200 rpm when app. 4000 rpm are reached.

-With PC and Vemstune rpm also shortly flickers to zero

Tried to run log of VR trigger with Vemstune, seems as all ok at idle, is it possible to log at high rpm?

Wire to coil packs are shield, reused rover cables, but seems to make no difference if shield are connected at ground in Vems end or not.

All ground connections are made as suggested in instructions.

How should “reference tooth” table look?







Ignition coils

After solving trigger errors, fuse can be 10A with out problems

Any suggestion for fuse size for coils?

– 15A is blowing! 20A stand with low rpm, and 2ms charge time.

something is terribly wrong than! 4A used during setup shouldn't blow normally (that means about 7A peak current) and than by replacing with 5A fuse (peak current about 9A). Even with distributer, higher than 7A should never be needed.

Isn't that a CDI coil ?

what type coil is that ?

measure resistance of the coil

also measure inductance if you can

Maybe misconfiguration ? Possibly output collision ?

Check validation and all outputs.

Coils are two Bosch motorsports coil, double fire 2x2 coils with four outputs each.

Each coil have one fuse, that blows!

Coil resistance are 0.5 ohm from common +12V to each side of coil

Coil inductance 3,7 mH according to data sheet

Hardware connection coil A:

cyl. 1-6 on output pin 34

cyl. 8-5 on output pin 36

Hardware connection coil B:

cyl. 4-7 on output pin 24

cyl. 3-2 on output pin 10

Ignition sequence 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

In which order should output table be?

My config file is under SoerenMartinSorensenRoverV??8