2013-10-04 Søren

Running now with Vems controlling ignition and injection for one year without problems. Engine running smoothly and pulling better than on old SU cabs.

Upgraded Vems to include EGT, knock and installed BT dongle for communication to smart phone.

2012-06-29 Søren

Car has no been runing with VEMS controlling ignition for two years. all sensors are in place temp, EGO etc. so time to moove on with injection this summer.

2010-06-10 Søren

Car running with Vems to control ignition. Damaged ignition coil waits to be changed, and still some fine adjustments to be done with ignition map specially with vacuum advance values.

2010-05-15 Søren

Testing sensors problems with primary trigger and ignition burning fuses.

2010-05-12 Søren.

Installed Vems in car,trying to get sensors right. Engine still using cabs and dizy.

2007-11-24 Søren

Trial fit of engine before body goes to paint shop.

2004.12.15 Søren.

Just fitting an injection started of a complete rebuild of car!

Status by now; VEMS is running on test bench. Hardware for injection has been prepared, and by shortening height of plenum camber bonnet can be closed.