The car is a 1970 MGB originally with four pot engine, but in 1985 I needed more power so I converted to V8. The engine is from a Rover SD1 and is with twin SU carburetors and in present form about 160 Hp.

Plan is to convert to injection by using base part of manifold from Range Rover, with special made top part, as high in engine compartment is limited. Ignition will be with four coils using waste spark.Other parts will include injections nozzles, pump and pressure regulator from Range Rover and Genboard Ver. 3.2 to control it all.



-Install Vems with input sensors; Done

-Using Vems to control fuel pump and tachometer; Done

-Using Vems to control ignition; Done

-Using Vems to control injection; Done

-Install EGT probes; Done

-Install Knock sensors

When above are ready and I am confident with Vems system and tuning of it, engine will be changed to 4.0 with compressor (Rotrex)

Upgrade to 4.0 with low compression, camshaft for compressor, gearbox rebuild, engine mapped running very good. All ready for Rotrex to be installed.


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