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Iīm using oe wiring, with a custom made adaptor , between Vems and oe wiring.

There is a IAT sensor from the webstore connected external of the wiring, as subaru dont have that oe,and offcourse the wideband sensor

I have on the 3 P259 output that i use, mounted a diode to the flyback wire, hoping for protection, so the relays not is going to kill the chip.

some of the extra parts thatīs connected are:

Aircon cut relay = EC36-PIN4 =P259ch0 with added diode

Wastegate control = EC36-PIN 9 =inj 4

Fancontrol = EC36-PIN31 =P259CH6 with added diode

Knocksensor = EC18-PIN 3 =stil disabled

Fuelpump = EC36-Pin18 =inj 5

Tacho output = EC36-PIN16 =p259CH1 with 12v pullup