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LCD header soldering issue

I have been making a V3.3 , and have made a mistake with the LCD connector, I had first put in a plug connector,but unsoldered it again to put the wires in direct, but now there is nothing to solder at,

Itīs pin1 at the board,(pin9 DB9 cable). According to GenBoard/BuildProcedures/LCDconnect this is the RS (preferred white wire) signal. Please make a photo so we can verify (you know that the 2 leftmost pins on the 2x6pin header).

For the RS signal, you just connect to the pin4 of the S259 chip (74HC259), damn easy, right at the pad you ripped, you just blank the wire 2 mm longer and reach the chip pin. Just make sure not to make more damage, use solderer with suitable tip.