Steer by wire

analog => PWM (speed dependent conversion) by round boostcontrol function.

Measured analog voltage output of the joystick.

With extreme trimming 0-5V can be reached (though not at the same trimming-position). Joystick powered from dedicated 5V regulator, as the servo-supply was "nervous" during servo movements.

Needs extensive testing. Use only at non-lethal vehicle speeds (max 40km/h in a protected chassis).

Special Round feature

Servo data

Tested with v3 boost alternate function 1.1.8x firmware

Achieved best results with 57 Hz PWM frequency, pulse high for appr. 1-2 msec. The time of low level seems to not make a difference in position-command. But at higher freq the servo was a bit nervous with more small back-n-forth adjustments.