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  • - Powered up my Genboard 3.0
  • - Tried communication with serial cabel
  • - Connected LCD
  • - Connected Ps2 Keyboard


  • - Soldering rest of the parts. Hopefully get engine running this summer. (2 years has past, no progress to anything until now!)


  • - I bought H-Profile Conrods, Wild Street cam and had Cylinder Head fully ported (flows 180 HP).
  • -Crankshaft is going to be stroked 3mm to get 89 mm stroke.
  • -Pistons are going to be Custom pistons from Wiseco.
  • -Engine Displacement is going to be 2.1 litre.


  • - Uploaded new firmware from [VemsMT?]
  • - Tried to set Battery Voltage constant with MegaTune, but even with 255 it shows too little.


  • - Changed one BatCal? divider resistor 100K/20K -> 100K/39K , with 152 MegaTune shows 0.02V more than my Voltage meter, so i left it there.
  • - Map sensor shows zero on Megatune. Measured voltage while putting pressure/vacuum the sensor. Sensor is OK! Tomorror i try to figure out what's the problem.

Requiring to change the voltage divider in order to obtain a proper reading sounds a bit strange to me, i would suspect an adc reference voltage problem, i recommend checking and applying the changes listed on the last section of BuildProcedures/SectionThree (v3.2 notes also applies to 3.0) - DB

L2 is installed and AVCC(pin 64) shows 5V soadc ref is OK!

I forgot to upload config, which caused all the trouble.

Everything seems to be OK for now!


  • - Uploaded new firmware from [VemsMT?]
  • - Installed 60-2 Flywheel and VR sensor, Triggering Works OK! since RPM shows on LCD. Next task is wasted spark.