Problem solved!!! All my stupidity! Never assume anything.

My Problem was that JimStim? that I have been using in my MegaSquirt projects didn't have the same ground connections that MegaSquirt has. When I checked the JimStims? chema and corrected my connections everything looks fine at the moment. At least I'm able to connect the bord with megatune.

Sorry to everyone that I have troubled with my stupid user error.

Serial connection

Soldered EC36 and EC18, EC18-pins14&15 to MAX232

and EC18-pins14&15 to serial cable

Exact pin-pin end-end connections ? (obviously very important. Measure)

Soldered eight FETs, six IGBT-s and lastly the inductor 1R5 (from the rescue kit).

Connected the board to a JimStim? 1.3 (


EC36/26 -> DB37/19, Corrected to DB37/1

EC36/5 -> DB37/18, Corrected to DB37/2

EC36/21 -> DB37/9,

EC36/22 -> DB37/10,

EC36/32 -> DB37/11,


EC36/25 -> DB37/28 ,

At this point I tried to get first connection with GenBoard.

Tried several methods to connect but didn't get any answer.

At least try these:

Loopback tested my serial port successfully.

To be sure that board is powered I measured the MAX232 and the processors Vcc voltage which was high as 10volts.

10 Volts ?? compared to what ? It should be 5 Volt compared to ground.

I made the assumption that when measuring voltage it's done compared to ground. Actually I tried several. GND on the chips and GND pins on the EC36.

It is measured, and tested (bootloader is uploaded via ISP, than several tests made via serial).

Bit curious about this. If the board doesn't have any connectors how is this done. How do you connect and power the board?