Controller serial nr: 6712


I am using the Hall sensor from the VEMS Shop with an Elbe Engineering 36-1 wheel. Missing tooth is 90* from sensor at cyl 1 TDC.


Mercedes Cosworth 2.3-16

Displacement: 2299cc

Bore x Stroke: 95.5mm x 80.25mm

Combustion Chamber: 52.5cc

CR: 9.7 to 1

Firing Order: 1-3-4-2


Bosch 2x2 from Vems Shop


630cc Siemens injectors from the Vems Shop.

I'm using Injector Voltage Compensation Strategy "simplfied" with this chart I found:

Other Outputs:



Bosch three pin dual solenoid

I am able to start, idle and drive the car around. Warm idle is ok but it hunts a lot. Cold idle doesn't really work. I let the live analyzer do most of the ve table. I would like to get the idle more stable. I am new at this and definitely need help.

My Vems config file:

so, i've got it figured out finally.

I turned of everything extra that modify's fuel and timing. idle advance off, ego off, ign retard table off, i left the fuel enrichment table on because as the car heats up from idling, it started to get lean. i got the ve table as stoich as i could around the idle boxes while cold. then used the enrich table to get back to stoich as the car heated up and the MAT number increased.

I set P=I=D=0. then set the three pin idle motor to 20hz. i then tuned the idle reference curve, which was 23% DC to give me just under the target warm idle rpm, i set this to 16v stock, 890rpm.

I tuned P first, looking for the flattest wave form with the least amount of oscillation.

i then tuned D. here i was trying to get the curve to slow down and elongate out. again going for the flattest reaction and least amount of oscillation after getting near target.

finally, i tuned I. you use this to get everything back near the target quickly after the initial oscillation. if it starts to hunt, decrease this number.

My idle is now rock solid and catches beautifully on clutch in or acc on, or power steering load.

here's some resources i found that helped me best understand this.