Planned ECU mods

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  • The VW J293 from a Mk5 Golf is known good.
  • But when mounting to a BMW why not use a Temic PWM controlled fan from for instance a e46 m54 engine?
  • Unfortunately I don't believe I have the space with the 3 row Z3M rad between the water pump.

Is it possible to configure 3rd trigger to use as freq. input for Ethanol content sensor instead of tying up wheel speed inputs?

Added 2nd serial port => perfect communication to Afreshtiny (after configuring according to instructions) ... SOLVED

I've added a connection to the 2nd serial port on my ECU to be able to drive my AfreshTiny without having to disconnect every time the main COM port to tune.

Checklist (kept, just in case someone has problem configuring)

AfreshTiny was first completely unresponsive and showed no data (SOLVED, fixed by configuration).

FW: 1.2.38

Sorry I forgot to update as I was enjoying the 2nd COM for two days now.

Issue was related to (obviously) not immediately seeing (finding) the circumstances required to correctly enable the 2nd COM in VT. Apologies!

Described here: BroadcastDatastreamAim

Specifically this part:

Configure 2nd UART to send "5 byte stream" with datacontent matching the AIM (but currently no wasted gaps)


Configuration (VemsTune checklist)

After following the instructions, the AfreshTiny started to work immediately.