Not really sure what is going on here, but none of my IGN outputs are working...

The box is installed in my (M52 w/ HALL/HALL setup) E36 BMW, I had to convert the box from VR to Hall on the pri trigger, everything else seems to work just fine (P259, INJ, etc) but I cannot get any reaction from any of the IGN outputs no matter what I configure them as even in "test mode"

Any ideas?

I've tried reloading and changing firmwares and nothing has helped.

12+ and GND, and EC36 pinouts have has been verified and tested ok... using an LED to test the outputs.

here is one of the cfg's:

so just to re-cap.. this is what I did to the board to switch from VR to HALL

is there something that I could have done here in the process like bridge trig1 that could have damaged something?? or by changing/removing a resistor?


I followed the V3.3 instructions from this page:

soldering JP2 & JP7 didn't work for me.. the pri trigger didn't work with that soldered, but started to work with it unsoldered

changed R30 to 2k4

removed R56 completely, soldered blob @ SJ2, removed blob @ SJ6

Measured the blob @ SJ2 and have 3.8V to GND with hall sensor unplugged and the trigger's (both pri/sec working wonderfully)

  • As an update/resolution to my issues above, I later found that there was a short to GND in the line coming from the voltage regulator to the ignition chip which was causing my issues. I was unable to find where the short was and the ECU was returned to VEMS USA