Was having trigger issues with this car.

I seemed to be able to get a good RPM signal sometimes, around 220-260, sometimes it looses the signal (I'll see 0 RPM in MT)... but even when I get a good rpm signal (constant RPM reading in MT) I don't get a spark output or at the most a very random spark output from IGN out 00...

  • Wasn't aware of that, thanks for the info!

60-2 wheel and sensor fitted from an Electromotive trigger kit. And was setup as specified from Electromotive's manual to have TDC on the 11th tooth BEFORE the missing teeth.


It might also be the crank pulley that is causing interference?? The trigger wheel is 6", while i think the crank pulley is 5.5" and is right up against the trigger wheel.

  • 6mm is more than enough if the crank pulley is lathe shape. If it has bolts, that can cause "ghost" pulses.

Pictures of the said trigger wheel and sensor:



Primary trigger settings (Running Firmware 1.0.73.)

  • Edge: Rising
  • Type: Multitooth
  • All filtering, special trigger types is set to: Disabled
  • TDC after the trigger (deg): 60
  • Number of teeth on the wheel: 58
  • Trigger tooth: 1
  • Next trigger tooth: 15
  • Crank min. period (usec): 1760 (7500rpm limit - 1000rpm safety)
  • Angular width of tooth: 2
  • Angular width of missing tooth: 6