The car in question is a 1980 Porsche 928

  • 4.5L SOHC V8
  • forged pistons
  • balanced
  • sleeved
  • mustang dizzy
  • 788cc low-z injectors
  • 2x Honda 4cyl resistor packs (30V flyback)
  • 2x Bosch fuel pumps
  • VEMS V3.3 ECU
  • custom fitted 60-2 wheel and sensor from Electromotive (see trigger page)
  • And a very large turbo

The car is now running and driving with VEMS! July 1st 2008 (Canada Day ironically)

Having issues getting the car to run with 1.1.74 FW... Runs fine under 1.0.78. I have gone through all the settings one by one after the upgrade.

I'm getting a very pronounced misfire on on or more cyl. I believe to be fuel related since the car is running a single coil/dizzy.


1.0.78 .msq + cfg+tables:

1.1.74 config: