VW Passat VEMS Project

The project is a 1991 VW Passat Wagon with a VR6 swap, that is currently turbocharged using factory engine management that has a custom dyno tuned chip.

It is an OBD1 motor originally from a Corrado (so yes it has a dizzy). For now, I will be using the dizzy, but along with that I will be using all the factory sensors to have fully sequential injection (so that means using the VR crank sensor on the 60-2 wheel along with the 1 window dizzy with the hall sensor in the distributor). If anything I will be going at least semi-sequential at the beginning.

Got the VEMS ECU to boot up with the LCD attached. Working like a charm. Initial wiring will start hopefully tomorrow!

Started on the pre-wiring of the VEMS ECU, have almost everything connected. Once I had the DSUB (COM PORT CABLE) connected, I decided to see if I could connect to Mega Tune... I downloaded the newest version, and the last stable version and with both I'm getting errors from Megatune that the signature is not the same.

see my Problems and Solutions page for resolution:


As an update, the car has been running now for over a month... still not a 100% tune, as the motor will be receiving a new upgrades shortly (a deck plate to reduce the CR) and will then be finally brought to the dyno for a tune provided the fuel system has enough for the desired 20psi.

Feb. 6 2007:

Upgraded VEMS Firmware to 1.0.71 - car is running great.

Next project to do is to connect a switch for Launch Control, now that I have a firmware version that supports selecting an input.

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