I have been asked to inquire about installing VEMS to a MKII Supra fitted with an NA 6M-GTE motor that is now turbo.

I am unsure if the stock trigger in the dizzy is anything like a 7M-GTE which I believe will work with a 1.1.x FW version of VEMS.

I have taken some pics where you can clearly see the toothed wheel for RPM and i'm guessing the other is a cam sync sensor.

Can anyone verify or enlighten me on this, and if it is similar to any other tigger setups known to work with VEMS?




MembersPage/PhatBob - That's an 'Oceanic Standard' trigger (24+1) and is in use in Honda's Mazdas and

Personally I have had problems with these triggers being very noisy, the details of which are here:

So its possible that it could be used, but it would be better all round to find a crank trigger solution.