ON/OFF VVT mapping under camshaft control

I'm thinking it would be nice to be able to more accurately map even on/off style VVT by using the actual Camshaft Control tables under Motorsports group... but with a simple option of 0 and 1 (off and on) in the MAP/RPM table, and a non PWM option in the setup page.

Right now using Misc 1 to control VANOS/VVT is just ok, but being able to map VVT more like a stock ECU would be much, much better obviously.

  • Of course that requires camsync, so I do agree with Sacsha that 0/1 should be implemented, and the switch point is the perimiter value. i.e if 1 is at 3000rpm and 50% throttle, and next axis value is 3000rpm and 60% throttle and that value has a zero the switch point should be 50.1% and not 55% or 59.9% - GunnarReynisson

Fuel Pressure feedback & failsafe

  • Using fuel pressure sensor to actively monitor and compensate for primary fueling (inj pw). Using this we can compensate for failing FPR (lost boost reference/clogged lines/etc) or weak/failing fuel pump(s) (especially on multi-pump scenario). Also useful for Ethanol trimming!
  • Also fault monitoring/threshold for boost reduction/check engine light/full ign/fuel cut if set threshold is passed (optional).

High Priority - Real Flex fuel control/strategies

Dedicated page:

Basic CAN output interface

Just basic programmable output/bus for driving more modern OEM dashes/cluster for basic info, speed, RPM, temperatures, etc. This is a big hindrance currently where VEMS need to be serious about for newer vehicle integration.

2nd Serial port (Rx/Tx)

Dedicated 2nd serial output (configurable) for AIM, BT, or programming of ECU. It would be great to be able to allow AIM and (TX) BT operation while being able to connect to other serial port for live programming/logging. Currently BT refresh is too slow IMO (7-8Hz) for tuning/logging. And constantly plugging/unplugging dongle, AIM gauge, etc. is a pain too.

Real PWM output tables

We need at least one (preferably two) PWM tables, with configurable axis. Having just one under boost control is confusing and unprofessional. Should include triggers from ANYTRIM options!