Having issue with secondary trigger and getting cam angles to work out.

I'm a little stuck with setting up camshaft control, I can get the car to run on sec trigger settings that seems to place the cam shafts @ 90 deg, of course this is outside of the acceptable window for control (of 5-35 deg) on both cams according to the software.

If I move the edge from Rising to Falling it lowers the cam positions from 90 to 45 deg, but then I get trigger errors for not enough secondary triggers (engine runs fine though).

I've tried shifting to other secondary cam tooth locations, but all I get is pops in the exhaust... do you think I need to shift the ignition and inj events to make this work or am I looking at this all wrong?

sorry first time setting up a somewhat complicated dual cam setup.

It's a MK4 VW R32 engine, so it has the following cam gear pickups:


Here are trigger logs:

CFG of running w/ cam sync - rising edge ECU showing cam angle @ 90 deg):

Complete log of running car and various attempts of moving the cam sync to another tooth:

Hello Sasha,

I have reviewed your triggerlogs, cranking without inj and ign fuse, good format!

According to my review, the correct trigger settings for this engine should be:

Power cycle ecu after trigger edge change. It might be needed to shift ign output rotation after adjusting to these trigger settings (shift up 3 times).

After these changes please make another triggerlog (cranking no fuses) and vemslog of running engine to confirm it is running without trigger errors. I will make some further suggestions after review of these new files.

Best regards, Dave