Dave's BMW E30 Turbo

Started out as an 1988 BMW E30 327i (stroker using super ETA bottom end, with a 325i head), stock everything else for now.

While N/A:

Using a VEMS V3.3 ECU, stock 60-2 wheel and CLT temp sensor, IAT from a VW, and a TPS from a 5/7 series automatic BMW. Using original engine wire harness.

Running 19# high-z injectors.

ECU running Firmware version 1.0.71

Update May. 22 2008

The BMW is now turbo. I decided to remake the entire wiring harness for the motor. The old harness was pulled and stripped down to the bare minimum for the remaining functions (starter, alt, clt gauge for cluster, etc). A new engine harness was then made with all necessary (and new) options.

Went and did some tuning and came back with... 374whp @ 18psi on 91 octane (on a very hot and humid day)


Problem with upgrade to 1.1.63

Last night I attempted an upgrade to 1.1.63 from 1.0.73, I double checked all the settings and everything seemed fine @ first. The car ran smooth and nice.

But reworking the VE table to get rid of stumbles while stationary while blipping the gas I was constantly noticing a stumble at ~2k RPM. Not matter what I did, add/decrease fuel, add/decrease timing the stumble would not go away.

So we went for a drive and found that around 2200RPM no matter what load is applied it seems like there is something pulling either fuel or timing drastically (IGN cut is my guess). I have no idea why. Everything in regards to ALS is disabled. No MAT retard is being used.

Will upload the config later today... I do not have any logs @ this time... Had to revert to 1.0.73 to make the car drive properly. Possibly could attempt to go back to 1.1.63 on the weekend for logs.

Any ideas?

  • I checked dwell timing and played around with it... didn't help... what I believe did solve the issue was setting the angular width of tooth setting under primary trigger settings. For some reason after the upgrade it was 386 and not 6 like it was supposed to be/was. Seems like that fixed the issue.