BMW VEMS Project

This page is for the VEMS project going into an 1988 BMW E30 ///M3.

The original motor (S14) will be removed soon, and replaced by an M30B34 from an E28 535i.

The new M30 motor was cleaned, painted, gaskets replaced, etc, etc prior to installation into the E30.

Will be running the stock distributor on the motor, with the stock ignition coil for now. Possible plans for wasted COP or just wasted spark in the future.

Will be running semi-sequential injection as there is no secondary hall sensor for the cam on this engine. Not really worried about that anyways.

The car will be NA for the first part, and will then be turbocharged.

The VEMS has arrived, and I have started to pre-wire the unit ready for installation once the new motor goes in.

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