Sascha Audi S4 2.7T - PNP VEMS/Motronic Piggyback

Evenfire v6 ... MembersPage/DamirMuha (mwfire on ChatViaIrc) probably has sample settings

Config from audi 2.7t with kkk4 turbos and 8:1 compression.

540HP so far. Stock 6 coils(3pins).

That engine has two actuators for cam position. It's very nice feature, turbine spools 400rpm earlier, and at 1bar boost at 4000rpms engine has 55HP more with activated actuators for cam.

Just use misc output for that(in my config misc1) and relay.



ECU Details (to be ordered):

  • 1x ECU Connectors w/ crimps
  • 1x Bosch LSU4 connector w/ crimps
  • 1x I-Button base
  • 2x I-Button fob