Audi A4 2.7T VEMS Project

The project is a 1996 Audi A4 2.8 with a 2.7T swap.

Using the stock trigger wheel (60-2) and stock sensors for IAT, CLT, with a VW VR6 throttle body/TPS, stock turbos with an upgraded big front mount IC. Running with a V3.3 ECU currently running firmware version 1.0.71.

Proper triggers settings that worked for me. Stock Audi S4 trigger wheel and VR sensor:

I confirmed the trigger polarity by removing it and testing it. So the VR sensor is connected properly. Using a harness from the 2002 Audi S4, the white wire is the trigger and the blue wire is negative (goes together with the black shield).

Also trigger settings: trigger tooth 4, next trigger 20 and 55 deg after TDC make the car run just fine with the new firmware ( 1.0.71) the RPM scale is correct as well. Next step is to confirm the timing with an adjustable timing gun.

RPM readings are about right I'd say during cranking anywhere from 190-240 RPMs.



Here a working and base tuned MSQ (Firmware ver. 1.0.71) for an S4 motor running waste spark coils, with approx 320cc high-z injectors. 60-2 wheel. !!!CAUTION USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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