SVN rev. 635 had injector 100% duty related changes (although earlier versions tested fine earlier, extra conditions were added that must hold to switch off injectors.)

This change apparently affected ver2.x (the hardware before v3.x) injection => engine flooded (1.0.38 version working correctly).

OK solved it myself.

	uint16_t pwcalc = inj_port->pwcalc;
	uint16_t now =;
	// note, that we do not change inj_port.stopat if we do not schedule
	// so we don't disturb the turnoff of injector.
	if (pwcalc){
		uint16_t pwcalc, pwd, stopat;

pwcalc was introduced again/or not initialised correctly. Just removed second one. (overlapping, I guess it was a compiler warning anyway).

Patch available at ... as it is a bit longer than expected, can you explain a few things ?