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This is just old info page.

Hi Sami,

GenBoard activity is obviously growing in Finland (and Northern Europe in general). Can you put a link on the page pointing to the site, maybe also to GenBoard/VerThree ?


Do you guys have some local-interest forums up there?

Can you put some info to OtherLinks ?


The page is just a project diary. Title includes already link to vems-group.

I haven't found any dedicated forum for MS, but in some car and electronic forums there are few topics related to MS.

Sami, I think you would earn 10 times more (experience and money) going with the group:


I could ask from finnish car forums if there is enough interest for v3.x. Note that production only makes sense for 40+ boards (except for development series) but since we stock it, it's OK if they only need fewer than 10.

I can make units and also assemble them but ver 2.2 is only in limits of my skills. I think I have enough skills to assemble ver 3.x.

I didn't suggest to assemble v3.x manually. I suggested to do useful work (help in design, doc, help in organizing automated assembly, ofbiz) that lasts and is awarded with credits; instead of useless work (== doing manual assembly instead of automated).

I continue my education soon and haven't enough time for all this.

Hi, where did you get your 54pin connector from? cheers andre


Again I have compile problems in CVS firmware for ver2.2 :(

avr-gcc -c -O3 -g -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wa,-ahlms=lcd_display.lst -D GENBOA


a128 -I. lcd_display.c -o lcd_display.o

lcd_display.c:1039: error: parse error before numeric constant

lcd_display.c:1039: warning: type defaults to `int' in declaration of `read_mcp3


lcd_display.c:1039: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype

lcd_display.c:1039: warning: data definition has no type or storage class

C:\WinAVR\utils\bin\make.exe: *** [lcd_display.o] Error 1



Is there anywhere avaible somekind of flowchart for controlling WBo2 sensor? I'm creating standalone device and i'm stuck creating code for sensor usage.


OK, lets make cvs firmware to compile for ver2.2. I just installed new WinAVR that was released this week. I haven't had able to compile cvs firmware for a while. On the newest I firstly get this problem.

avr-gcc -c -O3 -g -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wa,-ahlms=button.lst -D GENBOARD -D LCD_4x20 -D PS2KEYBOARD -D BENCHMARK -D CELSIUS -mmcu=atmega128 -I. button.c -o button.o

In file included from avr/lcd.h:4,

from lcd.h:230,

from button.c:8:

C:/WinAVR/bin/../lib/gcc/avr/3.4.3/../../../../avr/include/avr/delay.h:121:3: warning: #warning "F_CPU not defined for <avr/delay.h>"

In file included from lcd.h:230,

from button.c:8:

avr/lcd.h: In function `lcd_cmd':

avr/lcd.h:55: warning: implicit declaration of function `softpwm_act'

avr/lcd.h:55: error: `lcd_backlight' undeclared (first use in this function)

avr/lcd.h:55: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once

avr/lcd.h:55: error: for each function it appears in.)

make.exe: *** [button.o] Error 1

I would be very happy if new firmware versions still could support ver2.2.

Is it CVS head?

Actually, the CVS head is not for consumption at the moment. ( Not for fuel consumption at least, maybe nerve or engine consumption :-). We should break compilation for v3 too until some fixes and operation verified. Use released version from GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges.

Hi folks!

I started MSAVR project 11.4.2004. Goal is to get old Opel 18E engine running with MS. My MegaSquirtAVR project pages in finnish.

Update 30.4.2004

New pictures from my homemade board.


Update 8.5.2004


Got my engine running with MSAVR. Engine is running pretty rich. At the end of my project page there are my current Megatune config. Comment here freely.

Update 11.6.2004

Web pages moved to new server. New pictures added.

Selfmade casing



Got Opel Ascona frame but the engine was small block and gearbox doesn't fit to my 18E. Stripped some elektronic from frame.

Need info for GM MAP sensor part no. 834 8298.

Not sure of type, but all 1.04 kPa MAP sensors I've seen from GM were


I got order to make another GenBoard2.2. PCB is ready and part order is done. Boards are now spreading in Finland. :)


My cylinder head suffered little damage, so my FI-project freezed. Trying find info to use Genboard ver2.2 to control ignition via standart GM distributor and dwell-control-module. I didn't find any info how to set my settings right and installation when I use this kind on setup. Module is Bosch 1 227 022 008.

I copy-paste from MembersPage/ChrisGerhardt :

I am using the existing ingition amp. The amp is wired with Signal(DB37 pin12), VCC, GND, and a 270ohm resistor between VCC and Signal. After some searching I found that this is a typical GM module that Edelbrock packaged "nicely" in Edlebrock case. The module fires on falling edge and does not control dwell time. I am using MSAVR for that.

I checked edis.c and found that

ign_activate() and ign_deactivate() functions switch IGN_PORT &= ~_BV(IGN_OUT); which is PORTB7 by default.

After searching (without result), you can probably find (or create) the right place for this info, definitely not good on memberspage (it should be on common page and memberspage should only link to it). Candidates: DummyIgnition DwellControlIgnition or somewhere else near IgnitionPage


Got ignition working in bench, and squirt is now ready to install into car. Can I use megatune program with somekind of settings.ini file so it understands Genboard ignition map?

A: We are currently working on a .ini-file for megatune to work with all the options, until this is done, you can use the MSNS(megasquirt'n'spark) compatibility mode, OtherTuningSoftware/MegaTuneMSNS //Emil

I hammered current CVS firmware to support Genboard 2.2. Everything should work fine (it was many minor issues, like HWMAP not defined vor v2), but please do some table-testing if possible. - Marcell


Car is now running with my own ignition. I have tiny problem with signal interface. I get false triggers when engine is idling. Some times it gets about 2200 rpm signal when engine is running at 800rpm. Here is my interface.

Can you link more info about this HEI? (to a dedicated page if possible).

I didn't found any info for this ignition module. I don't even know if it is HEI. It has 6 pins, case is ground, it is similar to GM 7-pin HEI module.

Pins are marked: P and N are for inductive coil sensor. O is signal output. I is input. C is to ignition coil negative terminal and + is operating voltage.

Module is in AC DELCO distributor, GM logo printed in case. It is used in OPEL 16SV engine. It communicates with Siemens made ignition control box. Box has own map sensor.

You can find few poor quality pictures at the end of my project diary.

I've seen false triggering

shielding might be my problem.



Ok, solved my compile problems with all firmware versions. WinAVR 20050214 has some major changes I think (PGM_RDB errors). I downgraded to 20040720 and all is working again.


What is today the best tuneprogram for ver2.2? I tried to tweak MegaTune with vemsv3.ini file but configs doesn't work very well and loaded tables are rubbish.

Also tried megatunix for windows, but it reagonizes my genboard as Detected Firmware: Standard Bowling & Grippo v2.0-3.01. Can I make it reagonize my board correctly and if it does it somehow can I use it to tune all my config settings?


Made cleanup for this page. Added MembersPage/SamiKorhonen/History and MembersPage/SamiKorhonen/NewFirmwaretoVerTwo


Got my engine running with ver2.2 board and modified mt-r027 firmware. Still lot of problems with configs. Ignition doesn't work quite right yet. Tables need scaling, reqfuel now 4.2 should be 17.2. I'm also confused injector config. Dirty datalog


from my_make

  1. WBO2 support on v2 (with helper circuit) will be gone soon

Is this helper circuit avaible somewhere? I'd like to make wbo support for my v2 board.


check my settings. I have problem with ASE.










It seems that your MAP falls - after releasing throttle? - (and certainly PW follows).

Remember that mcd, mct dumps (and firmware version) is needed to investigate something, and description of behavior that is of suspect.

Added: files fw=mt-r027.

MAP readins are correct in log and in MT. As you can see before first redline engine is idling correctly. Problem is between those two redlines (starting attemp). => so those loadsites needs tuning, right ?


Made massive tuning operation. req_fuel is now 17.2 as it should be (4x170cc 1.8L). Little known HW based problem in ignition, solving as soon as possible.


I though I could pay my order using IBAN/SWIFT payment, but now it says that I need EU-VAT-ID which as invidual person i dont have. Other way is, if I understood correctly, to pay XDSL Ltd. and pay extra VAT? Need little help to complete my order (#725)

This is actually changing these days. You'll be notified of the IBAN account (and options) in an hour.

Thank you Marcell. Completed payment and paid to XDLS ltd as said in email.


Made fw 1.0.38 run on ver2.2. How should I provide changes to SVN? Will I make patch file or something else?


Well, complete patch for 1.0.38 avaible here

New features:

  • Nothing to do with this patch, but: I scoped v2 injector pwm some time ago and noticed that v2/v3 pwm is calculated differently in firmware. With v2 injpwm is directly 0..100 (0..64) and with v3 it is (255/100)*pwm (==>0..FF). I haven't check the code, but this is the case with 1.0.23. So don't burn your injectors! :(


Chocolatebox ;) arrived.