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Hi all!!

I'm in year 1983 born electronic engineer student from Finland. I'm interest in mechanics, electronics and IT.

I have old Opel 18E engine which I have nowadays completely rebuild. With this engine I'm testing engine management with fully customised GenBoard Ver2.2 board.

My finnish projectpage can be found here All kind of pictures avaible here

Vems v2.2 orig compiled firmware and Megatune package avaible here

Recommended: full with MT,

Also includes my running config msq file


Compeletely rebuild 1.8L (type 18E) engine, about from year 1984. Originally controlled by Bosch Jetronic injection.



Homebuild Vems Genboard Ver2.2, customised to my needs. 4x170cc stock injectors. Batch injection in alternatemode.


Locked stock distributor ignition, advance controlled by Vems. Stock Bosch ignitionmodule #1 227 022 008 as giving juice to coil. Home designed and milled adabter in distributor.



Wbo2, ALS, ...

Tiny glcd teaser picture


Q:Hi,can u please give me some more infos on that LCD?We really need a bigger one and yours looks like a suiteble one.//pnanassy

Cleaned first page info. few graphical bugs still occur.


I'm now trying to make lcd pagesystem to work correctly. Character area is 8x20. //SK

here is my customlcd.h

PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_00[] PROGMEM = { lcd_rpmstr, lcd_rpm_true_4char, lcd_2space, lcd_Pstr, lcd_P, LINEEND1 };
PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_01[] PROGMEM = { lcd_print_current_afr,lcd_space,lcd_egtstr, lcd_egt1,  LINEEND1 };
PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_02[] PROGMEM = { lcd_coolantstr, lcd_coolant, lcd_2space, lcd_Tstr, lcd_T,  LINEEND1 };
PGM_VOID_P lcd_line_03[] PROGMEM = { lcd_pwstr, lcd_pw, lcd_space, lcd_2space, lcd_advstr, lcd_adv, LINEEND1 };

Update in progress...

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