There are some $$expensive power distribution solutions available in the market (eg. Racepak smartwire, motec PDM etc.) To my knowledge, there are no standalone ecu's that provide the ability to control an io mux module directly.

Is it possible to use the genboard with DS2480B to control one (or more) DS2408 chips mounted on a remote board (separate enclosure?) This remote board could serve as an i/o extender for the genboard and also have power transistors controlled by the DS2408(s) serving to power things like headlamps, turn signal lamps, radiator fan etc.

Obviously there would be firmware changes required to control the DS2408's. Is this feasible as a development project?

Like outputting a certain XX YY ZZ <NN> CRC (...whatever) sequence on 2nd serial port when output_channel= ... range is configured

  • maybe you already have a sequence in mind ?