My name is Sam Johnson. I live in Victoria BC, Canada.

My project is an Onroad/Offroad Jeep. I am installing a GM 4.3L V6 engine





There is a single cam sensor with an unevenly spaced 4 pulse-pattern. Here is a picture of the cam reluctor:


I am making an effort to find a waveform depicting the cam pulses referenced to crank position.

Just capture triggerlog with

It is very likely that with rising or falling edge the first pulse after tooth0 will only be present (say, at tooth6) on every other crank rotation ... than secignore=9 can be used to neglect other sectrig pulses and sync fine. That should be it. Seeing your 2 triggerlogs we can help to configure.

Hoping to use VEMS genboard to control the engine with wideband EGO feedback and pre-turbo EGT thermocouple for tuning. I intend to get anti-lag working with my 3 speed automatic transmission (obviously anti-lag NOT required for shifts, only for closed-throttle deceleration and launch.)

Ion Sensing?

Is this tech dead? I notice both vems and B&G were developing Ion Sensing boards back in the early 2000's but things seem to have gone quiet since then. What's happening?

Is there an opportunity to help with development?

Also hoping to use genboard on-board MAP sensor for dynamic BARO correction with an engine-mounted Bosch TMAP (2.5 Bar) as the primary MAP sensor.

Do you mean to say " baro correction can use INTERNAL sensor " ?

Also of possible interest to the community is my effort to model the engine in Ricardo WAVE. I have a working model now but am still calibrating with dyno logs from similar engines. Once calibration is complete, I hope to link the model to a SIMULINK model of the VEMS. Has anyone modeled the VEMS firmware in SIMULINK?