ConnectionMotronic M2.5 pinVEMS ECU pinComments
Ignition switch (+12V)27EC36-25node 15, powered when ignition is on
Power GND14EC36-5,EC36-21,EC36-32
Sensor GND19EC36-26
Fuel pump relay3EC36-15P259_5
Main relay driver36EC36-31P259_6
+12V supply from main relay37Flyback pointConnected directly on the board
Ignition module driver1EC18-4Stepper A (S259_3)
Injector cylinder 117EC36-7 Injector A
Injector cylinder 234EC36-19Injector B
Injector cylinder 316EC36-8Injector C
Injector cylinder 435EC36-20Injector D
Idle air valve4EC36-9 (injector 5)Low voltage flyback (one ER2J diode)
Evaporator canister5NCresistance needs to be mesured
SD warning lamp22EC36-16P259_1 - Misc 1 output
Tachometer out6EC36-4P259_0 - tachometer output
Primary trigger signal (VR)47EC36-27
Primary trigger return (VR)48EC36-26
Secondary trigger (HALL)8NC
Secodary trigger supply31EC36-28
NBO2 singal28EC18-1It needs to be disconnected
Knock sensor signal11EC18-3
Knock sensor return30EC18-2
Coolant temp signal45EC36-14
TPS supply52EC36-29
TPS signal53EC36-1