VEMS on a Volvo V70N 5cyl engine

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When playing with injection-phase, one can measure upto 5..8% change in output power, even if only injection-phase is adjusted, and all other settings are left the same. The reason is that the fuel sent out the exhaust varies in function of the injection angle (especially with huge cam-overlap at relatively low RPM). But regardless of the injection angle, the maximum power is the same (within 1% : due to higher limits when cooling the engine with the added fuel that escapes the exhaust unburnt: this is reached anyway, with the default injection-phase that is used now ), because the tuner always adds the fuel that escapes the exhaust (of course, leaning is not allowed).


Are these config settings correct for this engine setup with 60-2 cranktrigger?

Seems good. Seems to match GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmWare/TriggerRelated

I have problems with the trigger. Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesent work, with the same settings. When it doesent work, the RPM reading in megatune goes down to 0 for a short time at the missing tooth (I think) while cranking.

Log InputTrigger/TriggerLog to check VR polarity (it might work with reverse polarity, just not reliably) Thanks but the solution was to update firmware to 1.0.45

Config, tables and megatune file:

Problem solved by changing from firmware 1.0.36 to 1.0.45