Old archived stuff

Some sensor info:



  • The original crank sensor is a 60-2 hole VR sensor arrangement. I guess that the original LH 2.4 ECU doesn't have the filtering circuit on board but some external filtering circuit which generates a TTL "home" signal for every revolution of the crank shaft. I need to find this and decide wether to omit this totally and use the VR sensor option of GenBoard or use it and configure the Genboard apropriately.
  • I guess this circuit has 2 outputs. Record both outputs, one at a time with the original 60-2 signal connected to the other channel (scope with probe in 10x divider mode, or PC soundcard with 100k and 1k voltage divider to divide signal to 1/100)
  • The cam angle sensor could be implemented by obtaining an older distributor for the LH 2.2 (or maybe motronic) from an older 740 which used a hall sensor with 4 signals to control the ignition. By modifying the distributor, this could be changed to give the apropriate cam "home" signal.
  • before grinding, draw and plan in wiki, so someone can help confirm the position (preferrably the falling edge of the HALL signal is used, and in current firmware there is some restriction on the position of the cam signal (chosen edge))