This UseCase describes the Driver monitoring the engine state while driving.


is this thing integrated in to Megatune?Or aa entirely new and separate thing?Will this run paralell with MT or other tuning software?If i got it right,a laptop will be needed for this?!

Or can this whole ting to be adapted to the New Display system for vems?


It's all part of a laptop application, like MegaTune but designed to be cross platform, pretty, more usable, and without the (perceived?) limitations of MegaTune. That said, there's nothing to stop someone using this UseCase to add to MegaTune, or develop something for a New Display system, or change LCD pages, etc. It would be cool if some of that happened.

Just to clarify, a UseCase is one description of the software usage. The finished application will encompass all of the UseCases.

The UseCase starts when the Driver connects the computer, starts the software, and enables the ignition.

The software displays engine runtim information in realtime, in a familiar and visually appealing manner. This will be as gauges or illuminated icons as most appropriate, and as most often used on existing car dashboards.

The following information is displayed:

(maybe a bargraph group would be the best for the enrichments for programming a troubleshooting (no individual gauges for all)like the realtime display in MT) Anything else wanted or needed?

Maybe you can create individual displays for each enrichment variables,so users would have more information about what they doing.I personally need it,but it would be also great if it would be switchable.NanassyPeter?

We're well past information-overload for most people now, so yes, it'll have to be switchable. Probably spread over a couple of tabs or pages too, say, with all of the enrichments on one page.

The software presents the default selection of gauges by reading configuration data from a gauges.xml file, in a custom XML format. The Driver may display the gauges in full screen mode if desired, by selecting Display->Fullscreen.

In the event of out-of-range or dangerous readings (high EGT or low oil pressure for exammple), an audible alert is generated. If the affected display is a gauge, it will display an error lamp on the face. After the run, when RPM has dropped to zero, or idles for several minutes, the software suggests making a diagnostic and runtime log for analysis.

The display is updated continuously until the Driver ends the session or chooses another function within the software.

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