This is where we define how, exactly, our software will be used. If we get this wrong, the rest will be too! So, we'll first make sure we've got a common vision and goals before writing the Use Cases themselves. That said, we'll come back and revise this and the cases as needed. We'll be doing iterative development.

Please feel free to edit this page to shape the vision of this software project.

Software Mission Statement

The software will provide a user-friendly interface for a VEMS Genboard v3.x to configure, tune, and debug the setup of the ECU. It will add value to the project as a whole, as this will be the tool that most Genboard users will use.

System Boundaries

The software will access the ECU through the serial port. The software will access the online database through a network socket. The user will operate the software through the keyboard and optionally the mouse, with feedback through the screen and audio system.

System Actors

The roles within the system are the Installer, the Tuner, and the Driver.

User Value

The Installer:

The Tuner: The Driver:

Use Cases

Each UseCase is to be on a small story on a separate page. Each invididual UseCase will address a single and complete goal that supports the system vision described above.

Installer Use Cases

Tuner Use Cases

Driver Use Cases